Comprehensive Cloud Monitoring and Cost Management
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Cloud View

What We Offer

Our cloud monitoring services offer comprehensive Monitoring for AWS, VMware, Microsoft Azure, and other cloud services and infrastructure, together on the platform built for the world's best IT Ops teams. Customers don’t need to worry about complex backend infrastructures as the service is managed in the cloud. Advance GUI portals/dashboards are provided onto the customer’s PC, tablet or phone. Proactive alerting via text, email and phone can be provided as part of the service.

AWS Service

Monitor all AWS services and resources alongside on-premise infrastructure from a single platform application, for end-to-end visibility into hybrid IT environments. Obtain actionable data from both AWS CloudWatch metrics as well as for any AWS SDK service. Our AWS monitoring integrates with our alerting, dashboards, reporting, and performance trending and forecasting -- so it's painless to get deep AWS monitoring.

Cloud Track

Cost Analytics and Optimisation

Managing AWS workloads and the spiraling costs is a role in its own right. We can deliver cost management solutions which often save businesses up to 20% on their AWS spend.

Advanced Alerting

One big complaint from finance departments is the nasty surprise jumps in costs. We can provide proactive alerts when spikes appear in your normal forecasted daily spends.

Optimise Costs – Reserved Instance (RI) Savings

By analysing RI and EC2 usage we are able to make recommendations on whether the RI's are correctly sized, and ensure there is not a more efficient sizing schema that can be used. Furthermore, by analysing consistent work loads we will suggest potential upfront/partial upfront RI options for the business. We will also forecast savings based on these suggestions within a graphical report. Under utilised instances will also be highlighted and queried to ensure they are required and could not be resized.

Govern Your Finances – Accountability for your Engineers

It has never been so easy to spin up resources and forget about them once they have been used. Creating a culture of accountability but not restricting the flexibility of the engineers is key.