Workload and Application Analysis, Dependency Mapping and Cost Forecasting
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What is a Cloud Discovery service?

Vendor Neutral Analysis

Holistic, vendor-neutral analysis of your core network and server infrastructure, virtualisation, unified communication, data centre and cloud environments.

Actionable Documentation

Unparalleled documentation across your environment that helps IT leaders operationalise their IT environment, take action and plan for change.

Dependency Mapping

Detailed relationship mapping of internal services allows us to see what’s talking to what and over which protocol. Very useful for both operations and security teams.

How it Works

SaaS Delivered

Siros analytics are delivered in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model coupled with a virtual appliance for data collection, which results in a faster implementation, no software maintenance and easy access.

Secure Data Collection

All component-level data is encrypted and securely stored for up to 90 days and then automatically deleted as per our data storage policies.

Passive Analysis

Siros methodology is valuable in helping IT organizations troubleshoot problems, while reducing the impact on their IT infrastructure.